Loss of Libido in Women

Loss of libido is a common occurrence for many women. There are numerous reasons behind diminished sex drive in women. They complain about it particularly in their advanced age. However, people must not confuse a low level of libido with a woman’s inability to reach orgasm. Low libido usually involves psychological problems, like infrequent sexual thoughts, slower sexual arousal and climax, refusal to initiate sexual advances, among many others.

There are a lot of options that can be used in the treatment of such conditions, like local estrogen therapy, testosterone therapy, Viagra-imitation medications for women, natural libido-enhancing pills, sex therapist or psychologist counseling, among many others. While there are quite a great number of these supposedly effective solutions to lack of libido in women, only a few of them are really effective in such cases. It is possible that what might be an effective answer to a particular woman’s problem in libido is useless in another person. Indeed, just a limited number of these options showed significant effectiveness for every case. Currently, one of the most effective in the market is natural libido enhancement drugs. They are considered by many health professionals to be effective in the restoration of sex drive and enhancement of sexual pleasure.

There are a lot of reasons why women develop loss of libido:

State of depression is one of the most common emotional and psychological issues that affect the quality and degree of sex drive in most women. Women these days are more active at work and other day-to-day, physical activities.

It is possible that increase in work pressure, fatigue and other responsibilities take a toll on their libido.

Erratic changes in levels of female hormones, particularly during menopause are factors that can cause the loss of  libido in women.

There are medications that are usually prescribed in the treatment of depression, but can likewise cause the reduction of women’s sex drive. Birth control pills for females can affect their libido.

Pregnancy and Childbirth are natural occurrences in women that can trigger the loss of their libido.

Complications in relationship can also result in the loss of sex drive in many women.

There are a number of things that effectively solves the problem of loss of libido in women. It is possible that improved, open communication with her husband or partner can rekindle or improve a woman’s desire to have sex and take pleasure in doing it. Another possible solution to lack of sex drive is the use of modern, highly-effective natural supplements. These medications are in a form of herbal medication, which can really be very effective when taken by affected women. There are natural, organic supplements, which are blends of herbs, vitamins, minerals and other important, all of which provide a great boost in a women’s libido and sex life.

Many of these organic ingredients found in supplements include ginkgo, ginseng, licorice root, black cohosh, niacin, ginger root, melatonin, tribulus terrestris, damiana, red raspberry, damiana, melatonin, among many others. These medications are known to be potent in increasing the flow of blood to the female genitals. Ginkgo biloba and ginseng are two of the most popular herbs, when it comes to improving blood circulation. Ginseng not just increases the flow of blood; it also helps in the relief of menopause conditions. It is an effective herb in the reduction of stress.

There are individual, natural foods, which when taken regularly, help in the increase of estrogen production. This leads to the normalization of sex drive or libido. One is red raspberry, which have a positive effect on estrogen production. Since it is 100 percent natural, there are no side effects to be experienced, unlike in the case of hormonal replacement therapy.  Needless to say, specific, natural foods and superior-quality supplements are two of the best ways of combating any problem from loss of libido. However, whatever solution that a woman might implement, it is best to obtain the professional advice of a health care specialist. This ensures that side effects and complications from taking such medications or foods can be avoided.


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